4' X 8' Overhead Storage Rack Frame Kit - Hammertone

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This Product does not come with wire decks. Decks are NOT included. Customer is responsible for providing adequate deck material. SafeRacks recommends 3/8” thick plywood

This Product is composed of TWO separate 4’x4’ Overhead Racks that equate to the standard 4’x8’ when installed side-by-side

Adjustable Drop Down: 24-45 - Adjust your racks to suit your needs! Pack 24 Range - 24-45" Total Height Adjustment

300 lb capacity PER 4’x4’ when using 3/8” thick plywood. 500 lb TOTAL capacity when using both 4’x4’ Racks

Plywood decks allow moving boxes and storing small items to become hassle-free when compared to steel wire deck alternatives

How it Works:We removed the wire decking units from our best-selling rack to cut costs for the customer and improve the user experience. This unit DOES NOT include any decking components. Customer is required to supply adequate decking material. 500lb TOTAL weight capacity between two 4’x4’ overhead rack units, when using high quality 3/8” thick plywood. Two 4’x4’ plywood sheets are required

Heavy Duty:We used the same heavy duty materials used in our Best selling products. We use 14-16 gauge industrial steel in our products to provide a safe and heavy-duty product for your garage! Unlike our competitors, we use case-hardened and heat-treated oversized lag bolts. Our lag bolts are 5/16”x3". We use 27” ceiling brackets to span 2 ceiling joists; spanning two ceiling joists is not necessary, but distributes the weight more evenly. Each 4’x4’ rack includes a 4’ center support which equates to 3 additional supports in addition to the outer rack framing.

Benefits:Wire decking can be cumbersome and difficult when storing small items or sliding boxes on/off your rack. Plywood is affordable and allows the user to store any size item and slide boxes around with ease. One 4’x8’ sheet of plywood is required for both 4’x4’ racks. Simply request your plywood supplier to cut one 4’x8’ sheet of plywood into two 4’x4’ sections and install onto rack! It’s easy, efficient, and now the most affordable rack on the market!

INDUSTRY WARNING:500 Pounds is the maximum your garage ceiling can withstand. MonsterRAX is engineered at well over 1,500 pound breaking strength. When shopping for your racks, do not confuse breaking strength with rack capacity. Never load any company's rack to more than 500 pounds or you risk serious damage to your home, life and personal property.

4' X 8' Overhead Storage Rack Frame Kit - Hammertone4' X 8' Overhead Storage Rack Frame Kit - Hammertone
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4' X 8' Overhead Storage Rack Frame Kit - Hammertone 4' X 8' Overhead Storage Rack Frame Kit - Hammertone 4' X 8' Overhead Storage Rack Frame Kit - Hammertone
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