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4' x 8' Overhead Garage Storage Rack Frame Kit

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This overhead rack is a great fit for any garage. It features a combined weight capacity of 250lb (500lb per 4' x 4' rack when using 3/8" plywood) and adjustable height ranging from 12 to 45 inches from the ceiling.

MonsterRax combines industrial-strength steel, a powder coat finish, and the industry’s most secure fastening system together to bring you up to 120 cubic feet of storage.


  • Decking is NOT INCLUDED. You are responsible for providing adequate deck material (MonsterRax recommends 3/8” thick plywood) to store your items.
  • This product is composed of TWO SEPARATE 4'x4' OVERHEAD RACKS that equate to the standard 4’x8’ when installed side-by-side.
  • Installation into wood joists is required. Do not install into I-beams, steel joists, concrete ceilings, or any non-traditional materials

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